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You ask the questions, we offer the answers.

Concerns about professional behavior and fitness are relevant in every organization, whether a licensing board, hospital, private firm, or industry.

Your organization has a responsibility to the public and to its clients to ensure that your professionals are able to function effectively, safely, and ethically. At Clarity we understand your professional obligations and liabilities. Whether it is concern about the safety of the public, a need for assuring the smooth operation of an organization, or your desire to be certain that your professionals are healthy and fit for duty, we are prepared to provide solid data and conclusions about the health and fitness of the professionals for whom you are responsible.

We have relied on Dr. Walker for many years to provide objective neuropsychological and addictions assessments of our employees. The multidisciplinary team he’s assembled for the Clarity Center is truly impressive. This group represents a valuable resource for corporations who employ professionals of all kinds.
Tennessee multispecialty physician practice
Our clinicians are trained and experienced in providing objective, unbiased assessments that can be defended in any forum, including the scrutiny of a legal proceeding or courtroom. Our multidisciplinary team will perform thorough investigations in order to reliably answer your questions. Our opinions and conclusions are evidence-based, and rely upon the latest and most reliable measurement technology. The participation of several clinicians of different disciplines helps to assure that our perspective is multifaceted, comprehensive, and conclusive.

Types of Evaluations

You ask the questions, we offer the answers.

Our assessments are driven by the referral questions you pose. Here are some frequent queries that we encounter and are experienced at answering:

  • Is this professional fit for duty?
  • Is there a cognitive impairment that impacts job functioning?
  • Is there an addictive process that threatens work safety?
  • Are physician prescribing irregularities due to addiction, personality issues, or cognitive lapses?
  • How can a disruptive behavior problem be best addressed?
  • How can we assure our professional’s health and well-being?
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