What To Expect.

Independent, objective assessments.

We want to assure the professional that our participation in your life and career is not in any way adversarial. Our goal is to partner with you to provide an objective, unbiased assessment that will aid you in improved well-being, personal health, and professional success. Our evaluations are fully confidential. Your case will be handled by a team of competent, caring professionals who have worked with hundreds of professionals over the course of their careers. The fact that our center has absolutely no connection to any treatment program further assures our independence and objectivity.

At Clarity we understand that being referred for a professional evaluation can be a very stressful event in the professional’s life.

Often an official group, like an employer or licensing board, is requiring the assessment. The professional is faced with a disruption in personal and work schedule, a need to travel to the evaluation, and often the expense of the evaluation itself. It can be a very trying time.

The Clarity team was thorough, professional, and courteous. I was treated with great respect during my time there. Their conclusions were fair and helpful.
Ohio physician
What a relief! I began this process with great fear about the outcome. From the first moment I met with the staff, I knew my fears were unfounded. These guys are great!
Florida dentist

The evaluation will begin with an extensive interview by one of our psychologists or psychiatrists. Expect to spend several hours talking with the various members of our team during the course of your visit. Psychological testing, primarily questionnaires about mental health symptoms and personality characteristics, will be administered. Depending upon the reason for the referral and upon our initial observations, neuropsychological or cognitive testing may also be performed. Physical examination including laboratory testing will be pursued in some cases, again depending upon the reason for referral.

The product of the assessment will be a multidisciplinary assessment report detailing our findings, conclusions, and recommendations. The report will address the specific referral questions posed by the referral source. Typically these questions include queries such as, “Is this professional fit for duty?” “Is there a psychiatric condition affecting one’s ability to perform their job duties?” “Is any treatment or remediation recommended?” The opinions and conclusions offered will reflect the consensus of the multidisciplinary team, thus representing the perspectives of different clinicians with different training and personal experiences. This process is designed to reduce the potential for bias, to provide a multifaceted perspective of the professional being evaluated, and to allow for confident, defensible conclusions and recommendations.

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